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End of March Update Expat Problems and Solutions

1 week away from investigating 2 exciting prospective blocks in the Yucatan region outside of Merida, with photos and more information to follow.

It seems even among the ‘freedom’ cell expats and community in Mexico, there is a great lack of urgency and sense of seriousness about how precarious and dire our whole survival situation is at this stage. Food shortages from the Ice Age Farmer channel are being reported on dozens and hundreds of different failure points throughout the world, and the feeling I am getting from many expats is that much of the time is just passing time and staying on holiday, which is worrying. It seems the freedom/awake expat community is so far on the rebellious spectrum, it is difficult to float or sell good ideas in general to this group. The small efforts at community organisation and action are centred around film nights which is just more ‘preaching to the choir’ and reinforcing the echo chamber of what we already know, in which we are becoming further isolated from the programmed masses who are falling deeper into the hypnotic trance of the technocratic matrix and great reset agenda

I give a recent example. An inspiration came to me to come up with a “Bug out Plan” for the local expat community in that city, only to have that idea shot down by a very outspoken individual who questioned “bugging out from what” and “how about the other towns people are in?” discussing towns that were 30 minutes away… which I honestly did not know how to respond to such a level of ignorance.

When such a simple idea with zero negatives gets received w such negativity, but when smoking, drinking and partying with just passing time constantly are the default, I seriously question whether many of the folks in that community are at the mindset level of having even the most basic survival needs met. I don’t mean to critical but the first step in identifying a problem is addressing there is one, and some of the basics of survival such as preparing basic food, water and emergency routes, is not nearly as popular as smoking cigarettes.

I am not trying to target smokers but just observing how hapless and unprepared the expat community seems to be, especially when i have to act like a salesmen for others to do the basics of having food prepped, is very demoralising, and i think this is could largely because of the collective and personal trauma of dealing with what has happened, and what is happening, sort of like being in a ‘war-time’ mentality.

The danger is that we all have our own set of unique opinions and life experiences, but unfortunately the realities of a fire don’t give one iota of our beliefs, opinions or feelings, we will be equally burned alive if we don’t wake up to the realities of the physical world and survival.

It also shows most of us in the community are still trapped in the selfish narcissistic programming of the “Whats In It For Me” to a point of obsessiveness, where even the basics of someone offering their place for a rendezvous point in an emergency is not even there. I question whether there even is much of any community at this stage. There is a desperate need for leadership

It saddens me that there is that level of thinking, and it only confirms to me the folly of relying of consensus and meetings. So far the expat group there has had plenty of meetings, but little i can see in terms of actionable plans or steps of action. We are at the stage of declared food shortages coming soon, and yet there are those who would rather throw their energy into sowing confusion and apathy into a community than supporting good ideas to grow.

I believe we are far past the time of being diplomatic and sugar-coating words, and plain words that are urgent and frank need to address this issue. The ‘freedom/awake’ community of folks can drastically improve on their organising of community resources and focus, this default of ‘go with the flow’ is not productive when the adversary forces are organised and advancing.

Collaborating and putting plans into action, and unfortunately the points of weakness in a community can be as numerous or damaging as numerous and varied as human and personality weakness. I am even reading articles which are discussing the negatives of forming intentional communities, which raise some interesting points about the dangers of such a course, but are generally not in line with the most credible ex-special forces experts in prepping and survival as discussed in Jonathon Hollerman’s book Survival Theory.

There are many who will say “well why not do it yourself”, and to that I say yes for sure, to lead by example, but if something so beneficial and simplistic such as a whole community bug out plan is received with hostility and apathy, how much harder to organise an off-grid community? If anything a community should rally around the flag of ‘good ideas’, and survival being one of the first. Preparation Creates Peace of Mind, and there is no greater fear than being stuck with your pants down when shtf and hordes of ignorant starving masses are desperate to plunder resources and blame the most convenient scapegoat like the boogeyman ‘foreigner’

And that is why in the forming of a community those people that despite good or bad reasons will have their personality weaknesses derail and destroy anything productive or positive through the difficulty of managing personalities, and so the conclusion is the dangers of consensus and meetings must be eliminated or reduced.

The Ringing Cedars model of having one hectare private property family domains that is one’s own space to meet all one’s material needs is an excellent success study of implementation, even if one doesn’t know a thing about the Ringing Cedars books. The one hectare concept is a good minimum viable product starting point

The trouble in all of this is the subject of personal perception and being trapped by one’s own belief systems, which are as numerous as humans in their unique experiences. There must be a way to bridge this world view w the fundamentals of smart preparedness and adaptation to current threats. There needs to be some kind of group or personal healing sessions to treat the current and previous ‘war’ trauma we have dealt with in this time of upheaval, so that we can be as productive and action-focused as possible.

My personal strategy is filling my mind with as much positivity and action -focused materials to a 2/3 positive 1/3 negative /current news ratio. Audio books like Think and Grow Rich, videos on Permaculture, and solutions focused news commentary such as the excellent Colbert report or Dollar Vigilante have helped me keep my mind positively focused.

I am personally investigating traditional and plant medicines as a means of healing from trauma and blockages that interfere with my own positive change and action steps, and will encourage the same in group settings and communities i network with.

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligentbut rather the one most adaptable to change.”

Some action steps to take:

  • Leadership for every region, forming freedom cells for each major region, having a survival cell member or leader role
  • Forming Bug out emergency plans for each region, including Water, Food, Escape Routes, Contingencies, Safe Houses and Plant ID
  • Rallying around flags of good ideas, having a mechanism to promote and market good ideas effectively in a viral manner

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