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2022 Strategy Report Update

On my recent trip to Central America, I’ve analysed some new community projects and updated my research into what I consider the most effective strategies and observations about avoiding the common pitfalls of Eco-villages, and ensuring a success. Currently the main focus is creating an Off-grid community in Mexico and/or Latin America, which is much more favourable for a variety of reasons.

The most effective real world example seems to be the ‘Ringing Cedars’ 1 hectare family domain model, which allows for families and villagers to retain private property and their own space, while being nested within a community setting, thereby avoiding what Bill Mollison called the 2 most common roadblocks to successful communities~ Consensus, and Meetings

Not to see its an ‘anything goes’ approach, but when a member of a community has their own 1 hectare family domain, it eliminates many of the common conflicts that would arise in a communal setting

This report includes some of the best examples of principles that have been proven to create dramatic real world success, included herein:


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