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End of March Update Expat Problems and Solutions

1 week away from investigating 2 exciting prospective blocks in the Yucatan region outside of Merida, with photos and more information to follow. It seems even among the ‘freedom’ cell expats and community in Mexico, there is a great lack of urgency and sense of seriousness about how precarious and dire our whole survival situationContinue reading “End of March Update Expat Problems and Solutions”


2022 Strategy Report Update

On my recent trip to Central America, I’ve analysed some new community projects and updated my research into what I consider the most effective strategies and observations about avoiding the common pitfalls of Eco-villages, and ensuring a success. Currently the main focus is creating an Off-grid community in Mexico and/or Latin America, which is muchContinue reading “2022 Strategy Report Update”

August 2021 -Challenges and Strategy

It seems apparent that there are many that are screaming out for a solution, beyond lock-down protests and an increasingly Orwellian medical police state being built around us. And yet the main obstacle: being financial, is what is stopping many of us In my twenty years study of Geopolitics and world events that leads meContinue reading “August 2021 -Challenges and Strategy”

Eco Village Co-op Webinar Sunday 10th January 2021

Hi everyone Thanks to all the kind words and amazing support from all the great folks, who have been getting in touch and showing interest for Eco Villages! After a bit of delay Im happy to announce the inaugural community Webinar meeting, this Sunday on the 10th of January 2021 I know it might beContinue reading “Eco Village Co-op Webinar Sunday 10th January 2021”

How it works

What is a co-operative and how does it work? Co-operatives have been around for centuries, where groups or families organize to purchase usually large areas of land for farming, religious, community or other reasons. By pooling resources, money, experience and time, the initial difficulty and expenditure in farming and agriculture, forestry or working with theContinue reading “How it works”