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A passion for Permaculture, Sustainability and creating Healthy Thriving Community

Hi! My name is Peter, I am an indigenous business owner in my thirties, living in and growing up in Perth, Western Australia. I’ve studied Permaculture with Bill Mollison and Geoff Lawton, as well as Conservation & Land Management, as well as Law, Business, Marketing, Cyber-security, Product design and Music. I have always had a passion for ecology and sustainability, building transportable houses, building a tiny house out of recycled wooden pallets, converting a camper-van to run on waste veggie oil, and searching for the truth as to whats really going on in the world.

I’ve always had something within me that questioned the status quo, and after many years of learning about the world and the various problems we face, I’m certain there has never been a better, or more urgent time, to create sustainability, ecological ways of life

I’ve created this website to foster the vision and mission of creating Ecologically harmonious and thriving self-sufficient communities.

Regardless of the obstacles, its never become more clear that we need to change the way we live, from destructive, to constructive and positive.

I’m not going to go into whats wrong about the current ways of life too much, its a rabbit hole that can keep spiraling forever, but I will mention the basics to help others see the urgency we all face. I believe our lives and everything we value is at threat, if we don’t change the way we live immediately

Forgive me if I’m not the best salesman, because what I lack in slick marketing or presentations I make up with sincerity and commitment to Ecology. My guiding philosophy with this website is the three principles of Permaculture: Earth care, Mankind care and return of Fair surplus ( rewarding free market enterprise fairly ). The ultimate vision is to build a Green world of thriving ecological abundance, self-sufficiency and abundance for all, and happy and thriving families, doing what they love to do in life

I hope the content of this website helps you understand the vision and the mission and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments, your feedback is always welcome and appreciated. Be sure to get in touch to join our regular upcoming face-to-face and online discussions, just put ‘meetings’ in the subject line so i can add you:


Warm regards

‘Perma Pete’

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