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Affordable, Large 1 Hectare Organic Farm Lots in a Permaculture Co-operative

Invest now in an Sustainable Safe Haven with an Eco-village farm co-operative, and secure your family and your future in a time of turmoil

Starting from as low as $1,000 ( Micro-investment option ) you can secure your position in the co-operative. Currently negotiation a land purchase in the South West of Western Australia

In these times of instability, there can be no smarter move, then being as close as possible to your essential life support systems: Ecologically clean food, air, water and ways of living. Top experts agree, that productive farm land is and will be the best investment and insurance policy in a time of food supply disruption and instability

We have developed a ‘farm plot’ project that combines best practices in organic farming, Permaculture and sustainable development, secured by Title ownership but nested within a community co-operative, with your own private large 1 hectare lots for your immediate food, financial and family security, developed alongside the tenets of Permaculture for maximum ecological benefit and output.


What We Do

We are seeking out enthusiastic folks from all walks of life, serious about investing money, time and effort into building sustainable ecological Eco-villages, garden plots and land management. Whatever your level of resources or situation, the planet and our environment desperately needs your help, as society shows signs of pre-collapse.

Eco-Village co-operatives is about working in harmony with existing agricultural areas and farming regions, focusing on being productive and efficient while creating a surplus of organic products, and creating an ethical surplus from innovation in organic and sustainable production, and alternatives to the use of toxins, funding further community and sustainability projects, the return of “fair surplus” principle.

We are food focused first. By building food forests based on Permaculture principles, we create highly efficient reforested high return high production farms, which fund further regeneration sustainability projects. The food forests fund and create profitable organic products that fund and support eco-village projects and settlement, which require intelligent planning and execution.

Not only one of the best investments, but the best insurance you can find:

What future is there without Food?


Being part of the most critical solutions to resource disruption and shortages, generating land-sustaining food forest eco-systems and communities that transform surrounding regions


Actively supporting nature, reforesting and greening the land, capturing carbon and toxic emissions


Collapse, Turmoil & Societal Disruption insurance against a leading threat throughout history


Eco-friendly products & services, organic food, ecological agricultural products, and work from home and build your passion business with community support

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