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August 2021 -Challenges and Strategy

It seems apparent that there are many that are screaming out for a solution, beyond lock-down protests and an increasingly Orwellian medical police state being built around us. And yet the main obstacle: being financial, is what is stopping many of us

In my twenty years study of Geopolitics and world events that leads me to conclude that now is not the ideal time to purchase as we have a historical set of challenges that is repeating itself, and it is actually highly advantageous that we have not bought the land as of yet. Unless the ideal land investment comes along, a different more mobile and adaptive strategy is what is called for, at least until the political and economic situation settles. Buying land is sort of like planting roots like a tree, and I feel strongly that the inflated market will burst its bubble, that we are in a potential pre-collapse stage within Australia as we see rule of law evaporate, and as the impact of lock-downs and other austerity measures finally catch up we will see an economic reckoning.

I am very confident and almost certain that the financial debt and encumbrance will be used against the participants in buying and starting an Eco-village, and its plain obvious to see that the current political agenda is clearly hostile to freedom and decentralisation and sustainability. Its obvious that the politicians are lock-down-obsessed and totally uninterested in actual health and well-being, and frankly we need to form our own communities right now. Whether it will be onerous taxation, as well as being in a fixed place where those who don’t choose to take a forced medical intervention will increasingly become demonised and targeted, to heavy red tape requirements for building sustainable houses within our own blocks, going the ‘conventional’ route may work for a while, until oppressive regulations or ’emergency’ laws catch up to those who resist the hysteria. I think the following strategy will weed out the committed from those who are ‘dabblers’

Nomadic community

What is needed as a foundation of community operation is to start as a nomadic community, starting as mobile nomadic sustainable living devotees, and building up a large community where the encumbrances and debt placed over us is minimal. This allows us to be mobile, react quickly and move towards our goal. My suggestion would be that whatever your financial situation, you can start to purchase a 4wd, campervan, or even a motorbike if you choose to live lightly. We can start to form nomadic mobile communities in forest areas, build relationships and offer value with local farmers and indigenous community. By building the strong community foundation, we can be adaptive to any changes in geopolitical power, war, famine, societal collapse and logistics issues.

Some of this might sound paranoid to some, but to those I would say “please read a history book”, and understand that this challenge and issue we are facing has happened many times, and historically it precedes serious loss of life, suffering and upheaval. Peace of mind comes from preparation, and one cannot be prepared properly if we choose to turn away from the ugly realities of the world and it’s history. If we live in a world that has had cataclysmic fires on a repeated basis, its just plain wisdom to prepare for that fire, then that “fear” isn’t part of your life, because you are prepared. There is no greater fear than those who refuse to acknowledge the reality of those historical fires, and when it inevitably comes, lose their minds in a panic trying to react! That is the common sense of having a healthy balance between preparation and focusing on whats important, but sadly most choose the path of extreme naivety and hence the situation we have in the world, massive erosion of freedoms and an increasingly irrational hysteria about a statistically non-event

Anyway moving on. It’s clear that we cannot solve these problems at the same level of consciousness that created it, therefore mobile Eco-communities, create pockets of freedom and sustainability, are a great leap towards a greener future. Guerrilla gardening these pockets, laying down ‘roots’ when necessary, and enriching the communities around us, ensures a strong healthy ‘community-immunity’ to whatever happens. The fabric that binds the community together must be simple ethics of earth care, humanity care and return of fair surplus, and it still allows for unique expression of individuality and all backgrounds. By moving away from the ‘legacy’ systems of control and exploitation, we can build our own systems of ecology, mutual aid and community prosperity, while allowing for each of us to have privacy and grow in our own way

At this stage I believe the situation is so urgent and dire, that we move urgently to make the move and forge forward with that clear plan of action. Collectively we have crossed the Rubicon of a massive worldwide loss of the most basic critical thinking and morality, as we see how so many jump at the chance to reject millions of years of evolution in the miracle that is their own genes and nature. It wouldn’t make sense to buy up land in the midst of a great revolutionary upheaval and war, and my greatest fear is that if we don’t act know, many of us who still have basic critical thinking abilities may lose them, as we succumb to the attacks on our health, minds and survival abilities.



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