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Where to from here?

“Mindset leads to action, action leads to success”

We need to go from wishing and hoping, to knowing and doing, and while there are a variety of inputs and resources that make a big project successful, we need folks that are committed to the idea of Eco-village farming and living, and are willing to put their hand up:

In order of importance

  • We need folks who are ready to commit monetary and financial resources to secure the land and its development, with the investment kept to a minimal amount to make the barrier of entry low and accessible for all
  • We need those with experience in planning and infrastructure, farming and agriculture, Eco-villages, Permaculture, Animal husbandry, Sales and negotation, Legal, Marketing, Social media, Promotion, or whatever experience you have
  • First of all, we need commitment, and a most sincere desire to live close to the land, and do what they can to achieve it

Currently we are seeking investment amounts from $10,000-$100,000, with the expected investment amount being around $25,000- $50,000 and farmers with excess land who are willing to sell part of their current blocks.

To help explain the process, here are some questions answered:

  • If you are serious, please get in touch with the level of investment or input you would like to have, how you can contribute etc
  • Your investment will be in your control, there will be no ability for one unethical party to take off with the funds
  • Think about your circumstances and ability to travel etc, do you have medical or family needs to attend to?
  • What is your ideal outcome and vision for your involvement with the project?

Currently we have several serious families that are serious and are scouting ideal locations in the south west, with water access, proximity to towns to prevent isolation, access to natural resources, forests and the ocean.

Meetings will be scheduled on a weekly basis, with urgency in mind to avoid further lock-downs and likely restrictions to movement.

A social media and discussion board will be created shortly, so others can join in on the conversation and discussion on Eco-village development and co-operatives

Get in touch today to discuss your input into the project




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