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What is a co-operative and how does it work?

Co-operatives have been around for centuries, where groups or families organize to purchase usually large areas of land for farming, religious, community or other reasons. By pooling resources, money, experience and time, the initial difficulty and expenditure in farming and agriculture, forestry or working with the land is minimized and shared, and the odds of long term success are greatly improved. In 2020, everything we have taken for granted has come under threat, and a co-operative is a group-investment in the best insurance and safe haven there currently exists – a direct connection to immediate life support systems.

Where the Eco-village Co-operative project seeks to go above and beyond existing co-operatives, is to integrate Community and Eco-village living within each members “Garden plot” within the greater whole, combining both privacy and the seclusion of one’s own private space, among a greater whole of a thriving Eco-village. Group work will be in developing thriving food forests based on past successful Permaculture food forest projects, water harvesting

What about shire permits/living arrangements work?

This is a common challenge and dilemma among Eco-Villages all across the world, and more will be discussed in the scheduled meetings on strategies to work harmoniously around regulation

How will my investment of time/money/resources be protected?

Clear communication and plain english, concise agreements will be used throughout the whole project, with transparency and ethical guidelines that follow best practices among Eco-village development and projects. Your investment will be protected contractually as well as within the guidelines of the best-practices holding structure/entities of the land, ensuring everyone who participates gets a fair return on their input.

Which areas are the Eco-village projects starting in?

Currently we are looking at blocks of land in the South West of Western Australia, and networking with locals and members of Eco-villages for assistance, with water access and proximity to towns/ the ocean as priorities, and in the future creating projects in the North of Western Australia, Queensland, and in every state

What work/input is needed for the project?

We need serious folks who want to help with food foresting, scouting locations, funding and investment, networking and whatever other contribution you think can help

Who is involved so far and where are things at?

We have several serious families scouting out suitable land, and looking to join up with other serious like minded folks who are ready to take the next step forward

Will this community be vegan/vegetarian?

While we respect others’ choices, from a practicality and nutritional perspective, part of the community will include ethical meat harvesting that is focused on minimizing suffering to animals and giving them the best life possible.

What are the main benefits in getting involved with this project over others?

  • An ‘insiders’ perspective on the legal minefield around Eco-villages and their solutions through years of legal training and research, using best practice protections in law
  • Benefit from the mistakes and pitfalls of successful/failed projects in the past, we can build on past mistakes and gain from their experience
  • Western Australia is well-placed to ‘ride out the storm’ geographically, economically and environmentally, with some of the most pristine and beautiful environments on the planet
  • An inclusive, welcoming community that is committed to Ecological living
  • A low ‘barrier’ of entry for many to join in, just 3 principles to live by: Earth care, Mankind care and Return of fair surplus.
  • Spiritually focused and focused on good works for good causes
  • Supportive of ancestral and traditional lore and culture
  • Positioned to benefit from ecological innovation, inventing and work-from-home passion businesses
  • Food forest regenerative agriculture, minimizing inputs and maximizing outputs, ensuring very high returns and rewards for participants

To get started just click the contact page with the subject “Im interested”

Warm regards

‘Perma Pete’


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