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What is the urgency?

Where to start is the better question!

Its almost 2021, and for a lot of folks out there including myself, it feels like the world is like a giant ship that is sinking, after hitting an iceberg and the water is rushing in. The more I’ve studied the truth about whats going on, the more I discover that is frightening and concerning to say the least, and who knows how far the ‘corruption’ goes:

  • The UN has stated millions have already starved due to restrictions and lock-downs, and millions have already lost their jobs and livelihoods
  • Food supplies and logistics are being challenged and threatened, from wide-scale droughts, bush-fires, and now the threat of lock-downs
  • Important due processes and freedoms have been suspended or have been eliminated, leading to what seems to be a more ‘Orwellian’ state of affairs
  • Many leaders say we are in a pre-world war environment, with turmoil and escalation of tensions world wide
  • Food, water, and most importantly ~freedom shortages are here and happening now

In times of great upheaval and uncertainty, nature has always been the best refuge for those who lived close to the land, and sometimes a great hell for those who forgot where their life support came from.

Even in the great world wars I & II, there were many accounts of traditional communities that lived very peacefully and relatively unscathed by the chaos and turmoil around them, with those who lived in the cities often suffering the most

  • Climate and Eco system disruption is driving further instability and turmoil, that often underpins major wars, conflicts and suffering for millions
  • We have never before been so disconnected from our natural life support systems, and each year the toxicity in our food, air, water and state of mind is becoming increasingly poisoned and unhealthy. Disease has skyrocketed from decades ago, and mental health and social problems increasing
  • Even our tribal/traditional folk are losing connection to the most sacred and important knowledge of living in harmony and sustaining oneself from nature, and being swept up in the Western ways of consumerism, waste and debt
  • We cant afford to wait for the consumerist, debt driven way that society runs to change, or think we can build a ‘solid future’ on a sinking ship, that is a earth and mankind exploiting system/way of living, we must ACT NOW before its too late.

And to answer and evolve beyond these problems and create the solutions, I have been developing the political philosophy known as “Permanism”, inspired by the groundbreaking work of Bill Mollison and David Holmgren with the Aussie breakthrough of Permaculture, perhaps the most important technological development in our time

Permanism is a simple yet powerful political philosophy and ‘study of excellence’, that encompasses the three main principles of Permaculture, being: Earth care, People care, and return of Surplus ( the last of which to me doesn’t seem to reward enterprise enough, hence the addition of “fair surplus”), that evolves based on best practice and best philosophy

The biggest problem I believe Permaculture has had with its low level of uptake/lack of mainstream acknowledgement, is that it has been too focused on the farming/gardening aspect, and has not tackled the elephant in the room which is the broken political and societal system, and its inherent protective mechanisms against reform or innovation of itself. Also, the current agricultural models are within a paradigm that is chemical based, with organics threatening this model. The current system is oligarchical, predatory and driven by endless exploitation of the environment, and captures the maximum amount of life energy from its inhabitants with its debt based systems. Our ancestors would be shocked at the amount of interest we generate for something as simple as shelter. And the irony that the early English settlers thought of our native inhabitants as ‘savages’, whose current progeny have become virtual debt-slaves living in boxes made with ‘angles of sorrow’, or the geometry or disharmony. How many millions in interest does a single house generate over a hundred years and several mortgages?

Permanism is based on the principles of Earth care, Mankind care, and return of Fair Surplus, which provides incentives and rewards for the risk takers and pioneers of free market enterprise, that yield 95% of the products/technology/benefits of the western world.

We need to be practical though and do our best to harmoniously get off this ‘sinking ship’, while engaging kindly with those who cling to the ships rails screaming, making demands, or engaging in other unhealthy behaviour. Regardless of what you read or hear, there is now law or ‘rule’ that compels us to stay on a sinking ship that is on fire, and that is the most important thing I think we need to remember

If we have the commitment, regardless of where we are at now, we can make the impossible possible!

I believe that Eco-village Permaculture based living is the best way that we can evolve among the ‘hierarchy of needs’, and experience happiness, success, prosperity, and ultimately through the sacred natural world, achieve the pinnacle of self-actualization and connection to the great spirit.


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